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New Hungarian Issue: Police Day Celebrated New Hungarian Issue: Police Day Celebrated

Hungary Post issue a new stamp today to mark the 14th annual Police Day. Numerous events and displays usually take place in order to provide an insight in to the world of Police work.

The stamp which has been designed by Agnes Rozmann depicts a Police helicopter along with the 112 emergency telephone number. A first day cover is also available displaying the Police HQ in Budapest whilst the postmark shows the Police coat of arms.

April 27, 2005

Author Warren now on postage stamp Author Warren now on postage stamp

Pulitzer Prize-winning author Robert Penn Warren now graces a U.S. postage stamp. Hundreds of people gathered in Warren's hometown in southwest Kentucky last week to witness the unveiling of the stamp, the 21st in the U.S. Postal Service's Literary Arts series.

"I can think of no better way to return the favor than by dedicating this stamp to a letter-writing man," said Ann C. Wright, district manger for the Kentuckiana District of the Postal Service.

Best known for his 1946 novel "All the King's Men," Warren wrote 16 volumes of poetry, 10 novels, a collection of short stories and college textbooks on poetry and fiction.

Warren's children, Roseanna Warren and Gabriel Warren, helped unveil the new stamp.

April 24, 2005

New Turkish Issue: 85th Anniversary of National Sovereignty New Turkish Issue: 85th Anniversary of National Sovereignty

Turkey issue a new set of stamps on 23rd April in order to celebrate the 85th anniversary of the Turkish Grand National Assembly (TGNA).

Opened under the leadership of Ghazi Mustafa Kemal eighty years ago, the TGNA exists to boost the population's national spirit and the feeling of togetherness throughout communities.

Designed by Namik Kemal Sarikavak, two stamps and a first day cover will be made available.

April 23, 2005

Austria Post honor Mauthausen prisoners Austria Post honor Mauthausen prisoners

A new stamp is to be issued on 6th May to honor those who were imprisoned in the Mauthausen Concentration Camp during World War II.

Mauthausen was a Level 3 Concentration Camp meaning it functioned as a death camp where prisoners were worked to death extracting materials from a quarry. Over 200,000 people were imprisoned at Mauthausen of which more than 100,000 died before it was liberated on 5th May 1945.

Adolf Tuma is responsible for the stamp’s stark design which features the Staircase of Death, 186 steps the prisoners were forced to climb on the way to the quarry each day.

The stone blocks and slabs which made up the staircase were loose and posed a lethal obstacle to the exhausted prisoners who were forced to carry blocks of granite over them. SS Officers would beat the prisoners or push them, forcing them to drop the blocks which would in turn roll down the staircase and kill the prisoner.

April 22, 2005

'Over the Rainbow' songwriter Yip Harburg on U.S. postage stamp 'Over the Rainbow' songwriter Yip Harburg on U.S. postage stamp

He was honored with an Academy Award for 1939's Best Song, "Over the Rainbow" from the motion picture "The Wizard of Oz." Now E. Y. "Yip" Harburg will be immortalized on a postage stamp, April 28 in New York City. The 6 p.m. special dedication ceremony, free and open to the public, will take place at the 92nd Street Y, Tisch Center for the Arts, 1395 Lexington Avenue. The stamps will be available on-site and at New York City Post Offices Thursday, April 28, and at Post Offices and Philatelic Centers nationwide Friday, April 29.

"Yip Harburg was a witty and brilliant lyricist who allowed us to sing along," said John F. Walsh, of the U.S. Postal Service's Board of Governors, who will dedicate the stamp. "We will never forget his contribution to 20th century popular music because his songs continue to live on in our hearts."

April 19, 2005

Vatican stamp issue sells out Vatican stamp issue sells out

Just five days after putting them on sale, the Vatican has sold out of special stamps to mark the period between popes.

Everyone from stamp collectors to pilgrims and tourists snapped them up at post offices around St. Peter's Basilica.

The stamps are only valid until a new pope is chosen.

They feature the traditional Vatican image of two crossed keys, but they're missing the papal headgear which normally appears on the stamps.

The stamps come in three denominations of Euro cents, in the colors red, blue, or green.

April 18, 2005

Art exhibit featuring Bush stamp probed Art exhibit featuring Bush stamp probed

Secret Service agents attended the opening of the exhibition "Axis of Evil: The Secret History of Sin," at Columbia College in Chicago. The exhibition includes a work that depicts mock postage stamps depicting a gun pointing to the head of President George W. Bush. The exhibition includes themes such as the Roman Catholic sex abuse scandal, racism and the war in Iraq.

Secret Service spokesman Tom Mazur stated, "We need to ensure, as best we can, that this is nothing more than artwork with a political statement."

He stated that no artwork had been confiscated. A Chicago resident called the Secret Service and this started the investigation. Two federal agents took pictures of some of the works on opening night and asked for contact information for the artists.

According to Carol Ann Brown, director of the gallery, the agents were most interested in the work titled "Patriot Act" by Al Brandtner which depicts a revolver pointed at Bush's head.

April 16, 2005

Austria Unveil Papal Issue Austria Unveil Papal Issue

Austria Post issue a new stamp on 14th April to commemorate Pope John Paul II who died on Saturday 2nd April.

The stamp has been designed by Peter Sinawehl and is based around the artwork of Kurt Leitgeb.

Pope John Paul II

- Born Karol Jozef Wojtyla on 18th May 1920
- Began studies at the University of Krakow in 1938
- Forced to work in factory after the German invasion in 1939
- Discovered his vocation to the priesthood in 1942 and entered the secret seminar established in Krakow by Cardinal Sapieha
- Ordained priest on 1st November 1946
- Appointed Suffragan Bishop of Krakow by Pope Pius XII on July 4, 1958
- Appointed Archbishop of Krakow by Pope Paul VI on January 13, 1964
- Appointed Cardinal on June 28, 1967
- Elected Pope as the first non-Italian for 455 years on October 16, 1978
- Survives an assassination attempt at the Vatican on May 13, 1981
- Died on April 2, 2005 at the age of 84.

April 13, 2005

Author Robert Penn Warren honored on U.S. postage stamp Author Robert Penn Warren honored on U.S. postage stamp

Robert Penn Warren - the first official poet laureate of the United States - will be honored by the U.S. Postal Service with a stamp in the Literary Arts stamp series at an 11 a.m. ceremony April 22 in Penn's hometown of Guthrie, KY.

The ceremony will take place at the Robert Penn Warren Museum at 122 Cherry St., and is part of a week-long series of events celebrating the 100th anniversary of Warren's birth. The stamp will be available at the museum and at the Guthrie Post Office April 22, and at Post Offices and Philatelic Centers nationwide on Saturday, April 23.

April 11, 2005

Charles and Camilla feature on stamps to mark engagement Charles and Camilla feature on stamps to mark engagement

Photos of Prince Charles and his bride-to-be Camilla Parker Bowles grace a set of royal wedding commemorative postage stamps unveiled by Britain's Royal Mail. Britons will have a choice of two Charles-and-Camilla commemorative stamps, which will go on sale at British post offices from April 8 - the couple's wedding day.

A 30 pence (57 US cent) stamp features a profile of the couple looking relaxed and laughing heartily, while a 68 pence (1.30 US dollars) stamp, commonly used for posting letters overseas, shows Charles and Camilla in a formal pose.

The photographs, which have been approved for use on the stamps by Queen Elizabeth II, Charles' mother, were taken in Scotland at the Queen's Balmoral estate and at a Scottish sports gathering in the far north of the country.

Newspaper reports were at best lukewarm, reflecting Camilla's lack of popularity compared to Charles' first wife, the late Princess Diana. However, some people on the streets of London were more charitable, saying the stamps showed the royal couple in a positive light.

Royal Mail official Julietta Edgar declared the stamps would become a collector's item, and insisted they were a fitting way to mark the forthcoming wedding.

April 08, 2005

Hungarian Poets Honored Hungarian Poets Honored

This year's National Poetry Day in Hungary taking place on 11th April sees two new stamps issued to honor poets Jeno Rejto and Attila Jozsef.

Jeno Rejto was born in Budapest in 1905 and studied drama before traveling across Europe. When he returned to Hungary he became a successful playwright, responsible for such operettas as "Who Dares Wins" (1934). He then went on to write adventure novels parodying the Foreign Legion, which often featured his somewhat bizarre sense of humor.

He reportedly died in 1942 in a labor camp after he was taken from hospital whilst seriously ill. The stamp issued in his honor depicts various images such as a North African sunset (a reference to his Foreign Legion stories), a cafe he frequented and a copy of Nagykorut - the newspaper he edited hanging on the stand.

Attila Jozsef was also born in Budapest in 1905. He was part of the revolutionary poetry movement and published his volume at the age of 17. He studied in Vienna and Paris and was a celebrated poet by the late 1920s.

He struggled with a difficult childhood and various illnesses before tragically committing suicide in 1937. Since then he become a huge influence on Hungarian poetry and much of his work has been translated into English. The stamp commemorating Jozsef depicts the poet sat at a typewriter with the house of his birth forming the backdrop."

April 07, 2005

Disney series continues this summer with Art of Disney: Celebration stamp set Disney series continues this summer with Art of Disney: Celebration stamp set

With sales in the millions, Mickey Mouse and his Disney friends have become one of the most popular stamp subjects in a decade.

More than 250 million U.S. postage stamps from "The Art of Disney: Friendship" series featuring Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy, Bambi, and Pinocchio have been put on envelopes and postcards in the United States since the stamps were first introduced last year.

Next in the "Art of Disney" postage stamp series will be the "Art of Disney: Celebration" set, which features various ways in which we celebrate, through music, food, drink, and dance.

Set to be released in the summer of 2005 during Disneyland's 50th anniversary events, "The Happiest Celebration on Earth," the "Art of Disney: Celebration" stamps will feature Mickey Mouse and Pluto, Alice and the Mad Hatter, Snow White and Dopey, and Ariel and Flounder.

Following this set will be the "Art of Disney: Romance" set of stamps, set to be released in 2006. These stamps will feature the best Disney romantic couples, including Mickey and Minnie Mouse.

April 06, 2005

60th Anniversary of VE and VJ Day: Isle of Man to issue new stamps 60th Anniversary of VE and VJ Day: Isle of Man to issue new stamps

Isle of Man Post is to issue eight new stamps in conjunction with the Imperial War Museum in order to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the end of World War II.

In addition to the new stamps a mini sheet entitled "Celebration and Reflection – the Isle of Man 1945" will be released. It honors the Manx Regiment that served with distinction throughout World War II in the Middle East, Crete and Italy. Local journalist Terry Cringle, respected Manx historian Robert Kelly and Field Marshal Viscount Montgomery provide commentary.

The new issue will be available from 15th April.

April 05, 2005

Vatican to issue stamp in Pope's memory Vatican to issue stamp in Pope's memory

The Vatican post office said it will issue a special stamp honoring Pope John Paul II, who died Saturday. The stamp can only be used until a new pope is elected.

According to tradition, the "vacant See" stamp will carry an image of two crossed keys but no papal headgear. The traditional image on Vatican stamps issued while a pope is alive has the keys and the headgear.

The stamps are valid for the so-called "interregnum," the timespan that begins with the death of the pope and ends when a new one is elected, but other Vatican stamps also will be valid in that period.

The last time the Vatican post office issued vacant seat stamps was 1978, when John Paul I died.

April 03, 2005


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